Sage: (sAj) – Adjective
1. wise through reflection and experience;
2. proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence and good judgement.

When establishing Sage Architecture, Inc.,

our goal was to create designs that are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. We engage our clients in the design process to develop highly refined and unique projects that truly reflect the character and lifestyles of our clients, with an emphasis on sustainable Green architecture.

While Sage Architecture does not espouse a particular signature style, our designs tend toward modern, clean and simple lines – architecture that has clarity and a distinct connection between indoor and outdoor space. We believe that modern architecture lends itself well to a variety of site conditions, and enables greater flexibility in design. We consider the environment beyond the building. As Northern California architects, we like to take full advantage of the region’s temperate climate, particularly as a component of our Green design approach. On each project, we look at the flow between, and the use of, indoor and outdoor space because we believe that the creation of outdoor rooms is central to providing a great living environment.

To enhance the design process, we created a unique programming experience for our clients. A “road map” or framework is formed from this process. Then the design work begins. A large part of our design process involves the use of physical study models. These models serve as a communication tool so that client and architect can understand the ideas, forms, and spatial relationships on the same level.

Our residential projects are located throughout Northern California and range from a 900 square foot Lake Tahoe house, to an 8,000 square foot home in the San Francisco area. Project styles range from the minimalist “Slice House” to a highly refined, detailed Japanese courtyard home with exquisite craftsmanship and sensitivity. Our experiences in residential architecture have also lead us further afield with projects in Nevada, Missouri, and Massachusetts, as well as a project in Mexico City we call “Urban Oasis”.

In addition to residential projects, we work on special commercial projects with clients who love the design process as much as we do. Our projects have ranged from family-owned restaurants to a mixed-use office retail complex in the Sierra Foothills. Our portfolio also includes a heavy emphasis on winery design with multiple projects underway in Amador County. We have found that our winery clients are very similar to residential clients, placing a high emphasis on the building design and the visitor experience. Creating great wine is a very personal endeavor and deserves a building that reflects the character of the people behind the wine.

No matter what the project type, we strive to create projects where the spatial arrangements work naturally, the connection from indoor to outdoor space is fluid, the composition of forms is graceful, and where the building feels as though it simply belongs in its place.