The story of the creation of Sage Architecture

is not complete without talking about the commitment to philanthropy upon which the firm was founded. In 2000, Pam and Paul faced a situation that changed the paths of their lives forever when Pam was diagnosed with cancer. This experience solidified in their minds the need to create an architectural firm based upon their own ideals and philosophies, with an emphasis on creative, sustainable design for their clients, and a commitment to give back to the community as well.

Each year, Sage Architecture donates a portion of their profits to nonprofits that resonate with their core values. In December, these charitable organizations are selected and all of Sage’s clients receive an email detailing information about the benefiting charities. Over the years, Sage has contributed generously to organizations devoted to:

  • providing housing for those in need
  • protecting women against domestic violence
  • providing education in third world countries
  • supplying global emergency medical assistance
  • supporting the arts
  • offering cancer survivorship assistance

But Pam and Paul decided to take their mission to give back one step further with the formation of the Triumph Cancer Foundation. They created this nonprofit organization to provide ongoing funding for the Triumph Fitness program – a 12-week fitness program specifically designed for adult cancer survivors to recapture their lives after treatment. Based upon her own cancer experience, Pam saw a need for this program in her community. In 2005, she developed and launched Triumph Fitness in the Sacramento metro area. Until 2011, she personally sought out sponsors on her own to fund the program, which is offered at no cost to cancer survivors. In 2011, the Triumph Cancer Foundation was formed to enable more people to get involved. Pam now serves as the Executive Director of the Triumph Cancer Foundation and has a Board committed to growing this organization in order to meet the growing demand for Triumph Fitness within the community. For information, please log onto

Sage Architecture feels they have a commitment not only to design responsibly and respectfully, but also to participate actively within the community to improve the lives of others.